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Dr. Lisa Hancock earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is a registered Psychological Assistant at Summit Center where she provides neuropsychological assessments, counseling, and therapy to children, teens, families, and adults. She specializes in working with twice-exceptional children, those who are gifted and have concurrent learning or developmental challenges, as well as with individuals who are highly gifted. She is certified by SENG as a parent support group Trainer and Master Facilitator; served for five years on her district's Gifted and Talented Education Advisory Board; is a former Board member of PG Retreat and currently serves on the Application Review Team; is a proposal reader for the NAGC; and speaks regularly at local, state, and national gifted conferences. Dr. Hancock is the co-founder of the California Gifted Network where she works with administrators to design and implement educational and social programming for gifted children; provides teacher in-service training; and conducts parent education workshops.

Services Offered:

Dr. Hancock offers GATE parent education/presentations, GATE teacher/staff training, GATE program evaluation and design, and resource listings through California Gifted Network. She offers consultations, assessments, classroom observations, and counseling/therapy at Summit Center.

Gifted Consulting & Advocacy Services

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